Hello Schwaben Frühstück

Butter Brezeln, Hefezöpf und natürlich Gsälz (‘Mmm…jammm). And of course coffee! Day 3 is waking up before us Schwaben and Badener Jammers…the long haul bullet-train is pulling into a prototype station near you. Global Jammers, explorers, friends…my oh my, what a ride. Brain-storm. Break-thru. Break Free. Jam. “Free at least, free at last.”

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Facebook Social Media…Let’s Be Friends!

With so many platforms, there is sometimes just TMI (too much information) and options from which to keep us Jammers connecting. Talking. Making choices, collaboratively. Going forward, we will be Liking & Friending & sharing more photos on Facebook.

If you don’t know and Schwaben oder Badener, beFriend us. We are going by the profile on FB: “Steve Schwabenjam.”

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Opps…got to go. Jam Time in Böblingen!

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“Play, (no) Seriously!”

Great tips, and hints on how to Get Dirty and find the On Switch. Badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ Badges! We will gather together again in less than 2 hours and Deliver Some Serious Happiness at our Schwaben Fruhstuck (breakfast).

Sharing Methodologies…


No time to discuss ideas…are we getting too complex?

Blue Screen magic…NOT!




Shiney Happy People…thinking, getting her Jam on!

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“Long Haired Hippie People, Need not…”

Ok, well this wasn’t Woodstock or a love-in, but dang we had fun! Have YOU hugged your local or favorite Schwabian today?! Check out the Schwaben Service Jam:




There were a few superheroes tonight…




Let the game(s) begin! The beginnings of ‘leaping over building in a single bound;’  of red tights and kick-ass boots; of protecting the downtrodden from the likes of evil. Schwaben Service Jam: gettin’ all Mavericky, Super-hero-y 😉

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What the heck is ‘Maultaschen?’

Those innovative Catholics 😉 …’mouth pockets’ or Maultaschen are how good Catholics got their fix of meat in over Lent. This  delicacy–better known as Schwabian ravioli–was how some of the first service designers got pork and other no-no’s out to their flock when meat was not allowed to be eaten during Lent.

Wait, wait: why is Chris jumping ahead already to food? (He’s always got food on his mind!)

Ahhh…that’s better, how did the Schwaben Service Jam start?

Opening Prezi about ‘Choices.’

The “Roter Salon” or Red Room where one two teams will be Jammin’ this weekend.

And of course everything proper Jam should have a pool table to let out the tension and sink a few ideas into the corner pocket.

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Ok, so Homer had to bow out at the last second – DOH! but boy what an opening night! check it out:




Welcome to home for the next 48 hours.





What gorgeous weather we had up here on the 3rd floor: it will be a HOT. Jam weekend!

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Getting Ready? Be Prepared.

Fellow Schwaben Service Jam Jammers…as you are looking out the window today no doubt wondering when the sun return and grace us with its presence: have no fear. The forecast looks nice and warm.











Looking forward to having you there. Would you like to know about our sponsor? Click here. First time visiting Böblingen, learn more here.

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Leave it a Bit Better than You Found it this Weekend

As we will not know what the theme(s) are until 18:30 CET this Friday night, we Jammers are a special breed. We have to come ready for anything and everything that will be thrown at us. We need to be agile, rough-N’-ready, and standing guard for the little details that will make our Schwabian prototypes resonate and/or be actionable.

So, what is the goal at the end of the 48 hours people are oft to ask…what is the output? Prototypes.

In my humble opinion, this is prototype thinking. Rapid prototyping. ‘My fellow Jammers, come ready to ‘Act Globally (if just for 48 hours). And of course, think Schwäbisch.’

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Damn that’s a lot of Jam!

Globally speaking, there isn’t anything better than having really intelligent people evangelize for you so you can focus on the gift your talent is demanding you share.

“We’ve all heard more than a couple stories of consulting companies taking a project and running with it, only to come back with fantastic, ground-breaking ideas that the hiring organization could do absolutely nothing with.”

(more here): What does “Innovation” really mean?
Welcome Jammers: get ready for some serious fun this weekend.

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