What the heck is ‘Maultaschen?’

Those innovative Catholics 😉 …’mouth pockets’ or Maultaschen are how good Catholics got their fix of meat in over Lent. This  delicacy–better known as Schwabian ravioli–was how some of the first service designers got pork and other no-no’s out to their flock when meat was not allowed to be eaten during Lent.

Wait, wait: why is Chris jumping ahead already to food? (He’s always got food on his mind!)

Ahhh…that’s better, how did the Schwaben Service Jam start?

Opening Prezi about ‘Choices.’

The “Roter Salon” or Red Room where one two teams will be Jammin’ this weekend.

And of course everything proper Jam should have a pool table to let out the tension and sink a few ideas into the corner pocket.

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