Friday March 11th

17:00               Jam Check-in                                                                                                 17:30               Welcoming Introductions
18:30               Theme Streamed to Schwaben Service Jam
19:00               Global Service Jam Briefing                                                                  19:30               Dinner supplied to fuel Jammers*
19:30               Day 1 Ideation Jam Sessions (on-going over/after dinner)
~22:00            Close Venue                                                                                                         Saturday March 12th

8:30                ‘Schwaben Fruhstuck’* / Morning Jam Wake-up at Venue
9:00                Presentation of Day 1 Ideation Sessions                                                                 10:00              Day 2 Group Work/Ideation Jam Session
12:00              Lunch coordinated to refuel Jammers*
18:00              Jam Meet-up @Venue; group dinner in city (optional)
~21:00         Close Venue                                                                                                                     Sunday March 13th
8:30                ‘Schwaben Fruhstuck’* / Morning Jam Wake-up at Venue
9:00                Day 3 Jam Group Activities
~11:00            Presentation of Day 2 progress:
12:00              Working Lunch*; Prep for End of Jam Upload
14:00              Start Upload to GSJ Platform of Individual Prototypes                                       16:00              Closing Activities >> The Big Presentation – time to present final                                                ideas and prototypes with fellow Schwaben Jam participants.
17:00              Close Jam Event and Venue...’That’s all folks; we now return you to                                          your regular scheduled programing.’

*Jam organizers will provide the food and drink to fuel Jammers (main dinner Fri. & Schwaben Fruhstucks); additional lunches and dinner will be organized dynamically with Jammer contribution as required.  Any additional food-fuel requirements–to assure maximum Jam output–are the responsibility of individual Schwaben Jam team members.


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