Holy Brazilian Carnival Confetti, Batman!

Can you feel it…the future? It almost feels like it is only 4…or maybe 7 days away. And it is starting to rumble just a little, the ground…due to the fact that in 4 days, Mardi Gras-Carnival will happen worldwide. It must be something in the air: going global, having fun and prototyping just how much fun the human mind can explore.

At the Brazilian GSJ in Brazil, they are “enlouquecendo” for a week that will start with partying until you drop and the Jammin’ to the Top!

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‘Mama Used to Always Say: Creative is as Creative Does.’

More insight into the amazing location the 2011 Schwaben Service Jam the Star Cooperative is offering up as our Jam venue…see you in 7 days Jammers.


your organizer-team,

Chris, Dagmar & John

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How’s this for a Jam?

Our gracious hosting team at the Start Cooperative are preparing for what will be a night to remember in the suburb of Stuttgart called Böblingen. Business consultants, marketers, designers, students, business owners, interactive directors…converging together, for 48 hours to be a part for something with global impact.

Interested? We still have a few spots open…let your kids’ school teacher know, she might have been waiting for this exact moment!






your organizer-team,

Chris, Dagmar & John

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From Village People, to Lego People: We Are Everyday People

“Definitely 9 days to Jam. Yeah. Definitely Jammin’. yeah.”

Around the world, everyday people are preparing for an event, a moment, a space in this life to make a difference. Bring your neighbor, your barber, your veterinarian…cause it’s Creatin’ time, people!

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Happiness, Passion and Loving your Job

Designing services is intentional and based on not only wanting to make something better, but to connect action between people and what they are passionate about (i.e. giving, working hard, creating or even buying shoes).

This video exposes that even in a the largest conveyor belt system in the U.S. (where you would think people don’t matter), that a company can find a great use for personal expression, connection and meaning — with Post-It Notes. 😉 Nice: a Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose. We need more Tony Hsieh’s in the world.

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The Winds Are a Changin’, the Roads a Crossin’

Solid blogging activity from some experts in the field of Service Design here.

The Mayor of London–Boris Johnson–even has his namesake on bikes all around London as a service to his constituents (of course you have to pay and all).








Thank you Lucy Kimbell for your great blog on design and service design for all us novices like me.


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It’s Official: ‘Herzlichen Willkommen in Böblingen’ (auf Deutsch)

We are excited and grateful for the Star Cooperation venue during the Schwaben Service Jam 2011. Take a look at the press release calling all in the ‘Wild Southwest’ to join us for 48 hours of collaboration, experimentation and Jammin’. Speaking of food (‘jam’), the dinner plan for Friday March 11th is shaping up…more information to follow.


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Welcoming Jammers to Böblingen March 11th

We would like to extend an enormous welcome and ‘danke schön’ to the host and sponsor of the Schwaben Service Jam 2011: Star Cooperation. For those curious about who and where they are, we invite you to discover more here.

Rack’em up, let’s have fun and play a little in our Jam venue. Explore, experiment and prototype: ‘Mach’ mirs!’






Star Cooperation GmbH is found at:
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 5
71034 Böblingen

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We are All (movie) Directors on March 11th

Who is Your Service Design Alter Ego come March 11th, hmmm?

You won’t believe your eyes what rapid prototyping and directing–a movie, a presentation, a play, a game–can do for your future…(perspective, profession, motivation).

See you in 12 days.

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Nike and Serving Up Angelic Experiences

Let’s meet there…at the intersection of Service Design, Business Model and User Experience (UX) >>

Authentically:  “jetzt geht’s los:fearless.”

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