What to Bring

Equipment & Prep for March 11th, 17:00 CET

What will be provided at the venue: Star Cooperation:

– a Schwaben Service Jam Starter Pack packed full of guidance and good stuff; pens, pencils, paper, sticky-notes will also be provided (NOTE: if you have your own way of Jammin’, creating, Brainstorming: please B.Y.O.G. bring your own gear 😉 )

-LAN and WLAN access to the inernet

– projector for sharing prototypes, projecting the live stream from global headquarters…etc.

– additional monitors/computers for peeking in on live Twitter and stream feeds (NOTE: due to the embargo of sharing ideas directly with other cities, we will use this as a fun-filled medium to feel the Jam globally in real-time, but not as a platform for sharing any Jam details/progress)

– the place/space, break-out rooms, whiteboards, flip charts

– main dinner (Friday night), 2x ‘Schwaben Fruhstuck’ (see Agenda page) will be provided; we will collecting contributions and organizing pizza or other “inspirational” nutrients to fuel our Jam for the lunches. And oh yeah…there will be a Closing Ceremony on Sunday night…(details to come). We plan to finish @17:00 on Sunday.

A lil’ FYI about what to bring…

– laptop and/with the tools you personally need to Jam and prototype (photography software, animation programs…etc.)

-USB sticks and/or internet dongles for use outside the Jam venue

– digital video and still cameras for capturing and documenting for the world to see what and how we Schwaben Jam! (NOTE: there will be a collective hard drive for everyone to download all pics/video to GSJ headquarters)

– come prepared to bring your ‘A-game’ (auf Deutsch, Ihren “Eins/1” Noten in Klass)…which means, come rested! All Jammers are encouraged to stay/Jam at the venue while the doors are officially open, however we also know most of us have families and a home. Plan accordingly that when you bring your brain on-loan to the Jam, that you also unplug it and properlyrest it for the next day.

Any questions, please contact: clatterell@hotmail.com @: +49 176 3224 1999


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