Does it cost anything?
There is no event fee. Food and fuel will be made available for purchase to keep Jammers jammin’.

Can I get some sleep? ‘Näturlich.’ …if you like. 😉 The Schwaben Jam venue will be open between 8.30 and 21:00.

What is new? It is a synchronized global event and the first ever service jam. It demonstrates connectedness on a worldwide scale exploring different modes of working and collaboration.

What are the rules? The groups receive the themes at Jam start Friday the 11th and will need to upload a prototype of their services by 15:00 Sunday 13th. As there are groups working in parallel it is the intention to keep the diversity of ideas and therefore an embargo will be in place to preserve our Schwaben progress (‘schaffe, schaffe’). Whilst we can talk to the other sites internationally, we cannot share progress of our work.

What sort of people will be there? A mix of many different people with various background, ages and professions will be in attendance. What we will all share is a sense of curiosity, a willingness to try out something untested and the desire to express our collective ideas as a prototype at Jam’s end.

What is the desired outcome? Now this is where it gets fun…there is no specific format desired for a service that has not been imagined before. A prototype of a service – not merely just expressed in powerpoint slides, but could be framed in a variety of creative ways: role play, posters, blueprints, videos…etc. The only criteria for sharing is that they are: (1.) digitized and capable of being be shared with the other Global Jam teams, and (2.) in English. Inspiration, tools and examples will be provided as required.

What happens with the service designs after the event? They will be uploaded to the Global Service Jam platform and available for the  consolidated and made available to teams. Everyone will be able to access them under the Creative Commons Act. Learn more about Creative Commons here.

Where does the idea for the event originally come from? Well there are theories and myths out there on this topic…let’s just say, two guys who are experts in theory of improvisational powers, knights of service innovation practice, musicians, gamers and psychological scientists of all things complex and influential. Oh yeah, they have an extraordinary skill-set for taunting non-believers with rubber chickens.

I can’t be there the whole time, can I still come? If you can’t be there the whole time, then you are missing out on playing a key role in the documentation and collaboration of your team’s results…und dass wird aber schade sein! Please get in contact with one of the organizers to find a solution.

We are in Germany, why do you communicate in English? Due to the global nature of the event we will need to communicate the results in English, and many of us are either English, married to someone English, work in English (you get the gist). The groups can chose their working language, but the results need to be documented in English.

Who is leading/moderating the event? What qualifications do they bring?
The jam organizers have amazing amounts of experience and dedication in the business development, executive coaching and client services/relationship-building practices. They are equally pathfinders in search of things that do exist but just illude imagination. So, let the adventures begin…better yet: let’s Jam. See you there!


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